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2018 01-9

Grandall Assisted HYBIO Pharmaceutical in Issuing Corporate Bonds

On 27 December, the application filed by Shenzhen Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“HYBIO”) for issuing corporate bonds with a total value no more than RMB 1 billion was passed and approved by CSRC.

HYBIO is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of diverse peptide products. The company is one of the first to enter the peptide pharmaceutical industry in China, and the only one that has a full range of peptide products and services, including peptide finished dosage products, peptide API products, and peptide CRO&CMO services. Meanwhile, HYBIO is a GMP-approved pharmaceutical company. It often receives auditing and inspection by local/national s-FDA authorities and clients all over the world.

Grandall Shenzhen has been retained as the legal counsel for this issue, with Mr. HE Zhaojun, Ms. LI Xiaoli, Ms. XIANG Siya and Ms. KE Nan as key lawyers offering comprehensive and professional legal service for the case.

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